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    Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    guide em

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    Re: Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    Since you are at the doorstep of laying your foundation for maths for the classes and studies to come henceforth.I will advice you to look for strengthening your concepts.You can seek the help of last year question papers and see the trend of weightage given to every unit and concentrate on more important chapters since every minute during your final month counts. You can emphasise on
    quadratic equation,
    Arithmetic progression,
    Areas related to circles

    All the best..!!

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    Re: Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    My dear friend,

    10Th class is the super most class and
    your marks in 10th class plays an important role
    in your life.According to your marks
    you will get an admission into 11th with the good stream.

    To score some good marks in 10th you have to follow the following steps:-

    1.You have to give the full time for all the subjects and you have to divide the time for each and every subject.

    2.As you know Maths,English and Science are the important and tough subjects so you have to give the more time on these subjects.

    3.You have to solve all the problems in the Mathematics so that you can score good marks in 10th .So you should follow this step.

    4.You have to solve all the numericals well so that you can score good marks in Science in 10th.All other subjects are also of equal importance so you have to give some time to other subjects also.
    Thank u!!

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    Re: Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    hi dear,
    There are many things and points which can help you to score high marks in 10th class like:
    You have to do hardwork.
    You have to do study continues without burdon or penic,means you have to increase your siting capacity.
    You can do group study,so points will more memorizing you.
    you have to solve last 5 year question paper.
    you have to solve modal paper.
    Good Luck

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    Re: Any suggestions for scoring good marks in 10th?

    Dear Friend,

    Study well in the 10th std..

    Because this is the starting point of the career.

    you can follow the many tips for scoring good marks..

    For scoring good marks First it will depends on the written paper in which you will give the exam.

    But before exam you will have to study well ...

    And for study well you will also need to work hard...

    get up early in the morning and study.. Because in the morning your brain will work fastly..

    And then attend the school regularly...listen all the lecture in the school...

    And do the maths practice every days...

    whichever subject you are not getting study in the morning...

    And get make the timetable of all subject all subject should be covered in all the days...

    and atleast take the test in the week...

    After that if you will write your paper , write the paper nicely..

    Don't make cut in any place...

    Try to make the margin in less place as possible but make the margin...

    And try to highlight the point by pencil as possible...

    In this way you will get the increasing between 15% from all other written pattern in the paper...

    As in this ways your study , hardwork , and paper written will get the high percentage in the exam..

    Thank You!!!

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