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    Anna University Applied Geology Entrance Exam

    Anna University organizes Applied Geology Entrance Exam annually for the purpose of selecting eligible candidates for admission into various Post Graduate courses including Master of Philosophy and Master of Science degree in Applied Geology. The candidates are admitted into various specializations in Applied Geology including Hydro Geology, Engineering Geology & Remote Sensing strictly based on the marks obtained in this exam.

    Structure and Pattern of Anna University Applied Geology Entrance Exam

    This exam comprises of questions of objective nature with multiple choices. There will be 4 choices provided for each question. The candidate has to choose the correct choice from the options provided. The candidate will get 1 mark for each correct answer and marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

    The detailed syllabus of this exam is as follows.
    • Crystallography and Mineralogy
    • Twin planes
    • Symmetry elements
    • Twin laws
    • Physical and optical properties of minerals
    • Petrology
    • Agents and types of Metamorphism
    • Characteristic features of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks
    • Binary and Ternary system
    • Study of all important groups of rocks
    • Stratigraphy and Paleontology
    • Modes of preservation
    • Laws of Stratigraphy
    • Physiographic divisions of India
    • Major stratigraphic systems in India
    • Uses of fossil
    • General Geology and Structural Geology
    • Volcanoes
    • Earthquakes
    • Origin, age and interior of earth
    • Weathering
    • Mountains
    • Plate tectonics
    • Attitude of beds
    • Economic Geology and Applied Geology
    • Origin of Petroleum and Oil fields in India
    • Remote sensing applications to Earth Sciences
    • Various geophysical surveys
    • Various processes of formation of mineral deposits
    • Industrial Minerals
    • Origin and varieties of Coal
    • Different Coal fields in India
    • Causes and preventive methods
    • Sea erosion and Coastal protection
    • Elements of statistical Geology and Mining Geology
    Eligibility Criteria of Anna University Applied Geology Entrance Exam

    The candidate should have completed Bachelor of Science degree in Geology or Applied Geology from any recognized University to apply for this exam. Even graduates in Physics or Chemistry or Environmental Science or Applied Science can apply for this exam. They should be at least 21 years of age to appear for this exam.

    Contact Address of Anna University Applied Geology Entrance Exam
    • Address: Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600035
    • Telephone no: 044 22352272
    • Website: http://www.annauniv.edu

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    Re: Anna University Applied Geology Entrance Exam

    From where wil i get previous years anna university entrance question papers of MSc applied maths?

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