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    Am I eligible to take up B.Sc Visual Communication course in chennai after discontinuing B.Com?

    i am a student frm bangalore...right nw i am dng b.com...i am in d 2nd semester....i hd got 83% in my puc exams dat ws held in march,2011....but as i am frm a family connected to films, i hve always wantd to get into d film industry...i wntd to do b.sc visual communication but i couldnt find an appropriate clg in bangalore...i hd opted commerce in my puc level...my parents were nt happy in sending me out of town for further education, so i ws corned to take up b.com...n nw i am nt able to go vit it, i am finding it very hrd...i hve decided to follow my hrt...my parents r also regretting about their decision...i wnt to go ahead n live vit my passion...nw my qstn is, am i eligible to take up b.sc visual communication in chennai?

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    Hello Friend

    I have understood what type of situation you are facing, it is not possible for any one against the passion and interest to pursue other work. But as you wanted to find yourself placed in a good position and your parents understood and agreed to live as your own way.

    Visual Communication is a self job oriented course designed to create young media professionals. The primary thrust is to train you on aspects of design, and drawing, Radio, Television and Film, Advertising, Animation, Web Designing, and Computer Graphics, Media theory.

    I say that Yes, you can go for Visual Communication course, after discontinuing the B.Com also in Chennai. Many colleges in Chennai offering the Visual Communication course you can select the best college and for admission test.

    Eligibility for Visual Communication course :

    B.Sc Visual Communication, entrance for the aspirants who had passed their 10+2 study in Science/Humanities/Commerce may eligible to apply.

    Colleges gives the admission into the course based on the entrance exam comprising of Drawing, and Written components. During the time of the admission test you will be provided with Drawing and Writing material charts, posters, colors, brushes, and paper, but some institutes say that we have to carry all the material.

    But anyway you can get into the course with your 12th standard qualification, as you said you had opted Commerce at your PUC level then you will be getting a chance to sit in the Visual Communication course.

    So dude i finally suggest that go through the course and settle in a well and good position, for any further information you can leave your message here.


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