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    Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    I did my BBA in 2009 specializing Marketing field and since then working as a sales executive to get better prospect what shold I do MBA or M.com.....please help

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?


    As you have did your BBA in Marketing and then worked as a sales executive..

    For better prospectus in terms of Money and your profession MBA will be the better option for you than M.com..
    Because as you have the work experience of around 2years your communication skills are better and you have gained much experience on your respective field..

    So if you complete your Master Degree on your respective subject then you may get promoted to higher post or in case of Salary..

    Thank you..

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    hi.....in my opinion, It is better advice to you to do m.b.a. Course after completing diploma in B.B.A. (marketing). Because competition is high and to overcome the completion and get aside from rush you need something unique. So you must go for M.B.A. in international business, tourism management or in hospitality management because M.B.A. in marketing is very common and most of the students in M.B.A. marketing are still jobless. You can also do M.B.A. in finance to seek good job in financial institutions, banks, wealth and finance consultancy firm or in stock market. Thanks

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    Hello friend,
    As you have completed BBA in marketing and you have three years of experience in job market as a sales executive. So, it is beneficial for you to choose MBA course . MBA is good for you to for getting good job with high package. Today MBA professionals are very much demanded in job market. Where as doing M.Com is of no use. After completing M.Com , it is not necessary that you will get good job. After completing MBA you can get job in various companies in different sectors like google , microsoft , IBM , TCS , Infosys , wipro etc.

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    DEAR after BBA in marketing MBA in marketing will be teh better option for you as you have compleated your bachelors degree in BBA it was a management course , so masters degree in management will provide you better career option.
    if you plan on taking marketing MBA degree , you need to learn that there are various types of this marketing course for you to undergo.
    teh most common marketing MBA is
    media marketing,
    and advertising,
    you have various job opportunities like
    • business manager ,
    • marketing executives,
    • marketing executives,'
    • general manager,
    • assistant marketing manager,
    • marketing executives,
    • senior marketing manager,
    • general manger,
    • marketing executives,
    and many more,
    if you want to take M.COM after your BBA it is impossible and you will struggle a lot in that career option as it was commerce oriented course,,
    you have to give entrance exams to get admission in MBA in any type of stream
    some of teh entrance exams are
    • CAT,
    • MAT,
    • OPEN MAT,
    • XAT,
    • GMAT,
    • BIMT,
    • OPENMAT,
    IIM than you have to crack CAT entrance exam.MAT is also one of the most important exam ,
    this entrance exam is for IIM'S mainly and most of the colleges calculate CAT score for the MBA admission and more than 30+ institutes prefer CAT scores for selection, so dear you have to work hard in this entrance exam.
    the test consists of
    • quantitative aptitude
    • reading comprehension,
    • verbal ability,
    • data interpretation,
    • reasoning,
    • data sufficiency,
    MAT(management aptitude test)
    all india management association (AIMA)has been providing the service of aptitude test since 1988 under the scheme of all indian management aptitude testing service,
    this test was conducted four times per year
    this exam also consists of negative marks for wrong answering.
    if you cracked the CAT than you have to face the group discussions and personnel interview which carries 50 to 60 percent.
    these are top IIMS in india.
    • Indian institute of management Ahmadabad,
    • Indian institute of management Calcutta,
    • Indian institute of management kozhikode,
    • Indian institute of management banglore,
    • Indian institute of management Indore,
    • Indian institute of management Lucknow,
    all the best

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    Actually it depends on your personal perception and your personal interests.If you feel that you are an energetic and highly confident individual,
    then you can choose MBA(Masters of business administration).The reason being that this course would enable you to realize your potential
    to the maximum possible extent and you would be able to make a dynamic career.
    The second option in front of you is that you can pursue M.Com(Masters of commerce).This is not a professional course and generally
    students who want to make a career in the field of academics or those who want to be lecturers opt for this field.
    There is limited scope in this field.You can even pursue P.Hd in the field of your choice to be a better academician.

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    Re: Is it advisable to do MBA or M.Com after BBA(Marketing)?

    After BBA if you go towards the MBA marketing side then sure you will get the good career as compare to go for the M.Com side. As we all know that without the management and marketing every work of the organization is half. So you have lot of opportunity in this course and now you should start to search your career in this field.

    The admission in MBA is through the entrance exam which is conducted every year at the national and state level. You can give anyone exam and do your MBA course. You can do this course part time as well as full time this depends on you. You should move towards distance side only when you are doing any job otherwise you should move only to the regular side.

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